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SF-G Series Extend: Higher Capacity More Application

posted Apr 24, 2013, 9:30 PM by Shihlin Electric Factory Automation   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 2:39 AM ]

Released on: March, 2013

Author: Shihlin Electric-Automation Business Group


Appreciative and qualified by global customers for many years, Shihlin Electric R&D team extended the SF-G series to 355KW/315 K-G. in order to meet more applications and finally officially launched on March,2013.

Since 2010, we had been launched SF-G series but the applicable motor capacity is from 5.5kw up to 160kw only. However, within the dual-load features vertical integration (light load 120% 60 seconds / heavy load(-G) 150% 60 seconds), high Speed sensorless vector control technology, and energy saving (SF-G series can automatically reduce the output power losses and saving at least 30% electricity cost for the users!) features, SF-G series had been installed to many industrial applications, for instance, power press, trolleys, screw machine, machine tools industry, and injection machine successfully in these 3 years. ( For more successful applications, please contact with us.)

This year, the SF-G series is different because the applicable motor capacity is up to 355KW/315K-G.!! It can meet more applications no matter in Petrochemical industry field, Chemical industry field, Ball mill machine, centrifuge, HVAC, Crane, and Machinery machine. For sure, this high performance and high functional product –SF-G series price level is still keeping in a very competitive position in order to compete with Japan, Europe, and USA brand high capacity inverter. (For more Electric Specification and details, please contact with us.)

3I (InternationalIntegrationInnovation) is SEEC group guideline. In the past we founded by a traditional way and growing up step by step. But now, SEEC group become an international group because we keep provided not only a total solution service, but also the innovation, qualified product to connect with the world. Still, R&D Team is still doing the new product through their outstanding accumulated experiences.

To know latest SF-G series info, please contact with us.

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