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Shihlin Electric - Your Best Partner in Automation World

posted Sep 19, 2014, 2:25 AM by Shihlin Electric Factory Automation   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 2:33 AM ]

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. attends 2014 Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition Industrial (Booth No. N914) and exhibits high performance industrial automation products to meet all kinds of automation application. In the wake of continuous development of industrial and technology, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. established the Factory Automation Division in 1984 and recruited large number of high tech talents and management experts. Over the past 20 years, Shihlin Factory Automation Division has been making ceaseless efforts to offering complete automation products and service in plenty of industries. Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. is one of the leading IPC Company in Taiwan who successfully helps customers improve their manufacturing and management to become more efficiency and even reach the energy saving scope.


The main exhibited products: (1) Shihlin HMI / Small PLC / AC Drives/ AC Servo Motors & Drives / temperature controller , Mitsubishi FA Products, Panasonic sensor / Laser mark equipment, Sanken AC Drives (2) The circuit breaker (small, high-kA, electronic) (MCCB / MCB), earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB / ELB), magnetic contactor / switch (MC / MS), Manual Motor Starter (MMS), Automatic Transfer Switchs (ATS).Especially for Shihlin Electric AC Drives series, which are completed, cost-effective and the best choice for business partners, including compact design Vector type SS2 series, high-performance design vector type SE2 series, double-rated high-performance design vector-type SF-G / SF -GT series, and the new generation SA3, which is upcoming high-performance vector drive technology type.


Notably, Shihlin AC Servo Motors and Drives have not only universal type SDA series and high cost-performance type SDB series but also now launched latest SDH series. The SDH has complete functions such as full closed-loop, gantry, and absolute position control. Moreover, the SDH now has better and precise position control (encoder resolution can reach to 22 bits), velocity response bandwidth 1 kHz and other advanced features such as auto-tuning/auto-notch/auto-damping… etc. Moreover, Shihlin launched a new high cost-performance EC207-CT0S/1S model.


In addition to the own products, Shihlin Electric is also the agent of Mitsubishi factory automation products, Sanken inverter, Panasonic sensors, etc. in Taiwan, and said that it will continue to uphold the spirit of enterprise,  "prudent and pragmatic" and pursuit of "extraordinary excellence", constantly to provide more diverse selection and total solution integration services to customers.

Servo Motors and Drives - SDA application
Servo Motors and Drives - SDH application
Servo Motors and Drives - SDH application

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