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Shihlin History

1955-Shihlin Electric was established by founder Mr. Chin-Te Hsu
1963-Technology cooporated with Mitsubishi Electric Japan
1966-Manufactured 69kV class power transformer
 -Automobile & motocycle parts plant
1969-Public stock exchange listed
 -Switchgear Panel Plant
1972-Current/Voltage transformer plant established
1973-Breaker & switch plant established
1979-Manufactured 161kV class Power Transformer
1984-Factory Automation plant established
1988-Cast resin transformer plant established
1990-Mrs.Suzanne Hsu succeeded Mr. C.T Hsu as Chairman
1994-Automobile & Motocycle plant established in Vietnam
 -Received ISO90001 certificat
1995-Automobile plant established in Chang-Zhou, China
 -Breaker & Switch plant established in Xia-Men, China
1997-Headquarter office building completion
1998-Received ISO14001 Certificate
1999-Mr. Emmet Hsu succeeded Mrs. Suzanne Hsu as Chairman
 -Sysetem engineering & optoelectronics division
 -Digital products sales division
2000-Manufactured 345kV class power transformer
2001-Capacitor plant established in Su-Zhou, China
 -Automobile plant established in Wu-Xi, China
 -Automobile Plant established in Fu-Zhou, China
2002-345kV, 650MVA Power Transformer in service
2003-161kV SF6 transformer, GIS, 24kV CRTR & Panel delivered to Taipei 101
2004-Oil immersed distribution transformer plant established in Vietnam
2007-Received OHSAS 18001 certificate
 -Received KEMA, SCB10-GB certificate for cast resin transformer
2008-345kV, 717MVA transformer in service
 -Shihlin Electric USA Ltd. established
2009-Shihlin Electric AUS PTY Ltd. established

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