Temperature Controller WT

  • 48x48mm, 48x96mm, 96x48mm, 72x72mm,96x96mm
  • Control Method: PID, PID+Fuzzy, On/Off, On/Off hysteresis
  • Multiple Inputs( Thermocouple, Platinum RTD, mA, Voltage)
  • Auto-Tuning Function
  • Input with 14 bit A/D resolution, 0.2% accuracy of FS


Auto-tuning (AT)-
*RAMP and Soak
 -Build in 1 segment of RAMP and SOAK function.
*Approval and Free Power
 -All WT models get CE approval. Operate on any voltage from AC 85~265V at 50/60Hz. DC24V is also 
  available.(*Optional Function)
*High Accuracy
  -Input with 14 bit A/D resolution, 0.2% accuracy of FS. Build in Auto Zero- Auto Span function to keep 
   good accuracy.
*Data Lock Function
  -All parameters are separated in 3 operation levels. Each parameter can be hidden or locked to prevent 
   unauthorized changes.
*Modbus Communication (Optional Function)
  -WT series sport both Modbus RTU and MODBUS ASCII protocol.
* Heater Break Alarm (HBA)(Optional Function)
  -Heater current flowing through CT can be displayed on controller.