AC Drive : SE2

  • Capacity:0.4KW(0.5HP) to 11KW(15HP)
  • Output frequency up to 1000Hz
  • EMI filter built-in
  • Sensorless vector control
  • 2 voltage input or one voltage and one current input can be selected
  • Start torque is 150% 1Hz
  • Application: Spindle, Air Compressor, Grinding Machine, Printing Machine, Wood processing machine, Lathe Machine, Knitting Machine, and so on.


1. High- performance senseless vector control technique

2. The short time over-load capacity 200% 1S

3. Hardware ground fault over current/ Output short circuit protection design

4. Built-in Brake Transistor

5. Built-in RS485 Communication terminals

6. Speed Tracing function

7. Five-point V/F Curve

8. Soft-PWM Function

9. Output Frequency 0-1000 Hz

10. Operating time accumulation and parameter PIN protection

11. A variety of built-in substrates is available

12. The triangle wave function

13. PC-end communication software

14. Built-in EMI input filter