Servo SDB

  • Economic type AC Servo
  • Capacity: 100W to 750W
  • Encoder Feedback: 2500ppr(10000 resolutions) incremental encoder
  • Multiple programmable digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs(DO)
  • Modbus communication and USB interface


  • 6 different control modes
  • -Pt/S/T/Pt-S/Pt-T/S-T models
  • At no load situation, when the motor speed is between 3000rpm to -3000rpm, the acceleration time is 8ms.
  • Provides multiple programmable digital inputs(DI)and digital outputs (DO)
  • -8 physical input pins, 23 functions can be set by parameters
  • -5 physical input pins, 9 functions can be set by parameters
  • No need of real digital I/O connection can drive our servo system via provided communication software
  • Support Modbus communication protocol
  • Support USB communication
  • Support RS232/RS485 interface transmission, baud rate from 4800~115200 bps
  • Highly potent servo software
  • Auto tuning function
  • Mechanical resonance filter setup

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